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        1. welcome to the official website of Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, U.T of Jammu and Kashmir, India Home | | Contact Us
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          Shri Kewal Kumar Sharma

          Advisor to lieutenant Governor

          Jammu & kashmir (UT)

          Orders/Circulars r
          Statutory Rules
          Strength & Strategies
          Highlights & Features
          Rules & References
          Schemes & Incentives
          Guidelines "CSS"


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          NOTICE BOARD

          • Constitution of dedicated 15th Finance Commisison Cell
          • Saffron Rules
          • Submissin of Annual Action Plans/UC's by Mission Directors/NOdal Officers of "CSS"
          • Circular Monitoring of CSS by Mission Directors/Nodal Officers
          • Circular-2 (Revamping of System for Submission of Progress Reports
          • Notifications
          • Draft Agriculture Policy for J&K State-2013
          • Constitution of Committee for looking into the issue regarding Calculation of Merit of Rez

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          ABOUT US

          Jammu & Kashmir State is predominantly an agrarian economy with about 80% of its population engaged in agriculture and allied sectors. The agro-climatic diversity of the State varying from sub-tropical in Jammu, temperate in Kashmir and cold arid in Ladakh, makes it ideal for varied cultivation. The goal before the Agriculture Production Department is to enhance the income of farmers and to generate employment in agriculture and allied sectors. The strategy adopted for this purpose is to increase production and productivity of the crops and to enable farmers to diversify their crop production so as to take advantage of market opportunities. he main role of the department is to help farmers to adopt better technology and to facilitate establishment of infrastructure for farm production and marketing. New avenues are being explored for investment. The department is also promoting diversification of agricultural crops to motivate farmers to move towards low volume-high value crops like vegetables, medicinal plants and niche products like saffron, rajmash, zeera, mushrooms etc.  Agriculture has, after a very long time, occupied centre stage in the economic and administrative discourse in the State at a time when all seemed lost due to the dwindling interest of the younger generation in agriculture activities. The concerted efforts of the Agriculture Production Department have triggered a new hope among the people, which promises profitability and dignity in the agriculture as an occupation. Read More .


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          b Retirement Notification a

          b NOTIFICATION a


           Retirement Notification 2020






          Mr. Navin Kumar Choudhary (IAS)

          Principal Secretary

          Agriculture Production Department

          Officers Property Statementb




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